COSHH templates for your Wholesale Jangro Cleaning Chemicals

Jangro Cleaning Chemicals, Safety Data Sheets & COSHH Risk Assessments

Within the Wray Bros site you will find not only the relevant Jangro Safety Data Sheets but a number of COSHH Risk Assessment templates that may prove useful to help you meet your health and safety obligations.

Safety data sheets are important in helping you make the workplace safe and to protect the environment.  However, the safety data sheet is itself not an COSHH risk assessment document. Yet, it will describe the hazards, helping you to assess the probability, i.e. the risk, arising in the workplace.

Wray Bros has supplied generic COSHH risk assessment documents for a number of our cleaning chemical products. It must be noted that these downloadable documents are for guidance.  It is your responsibility to ensure that this meets the information on the safety data sheet and the product’s use in your operation.

Wray Bros coshh risk assessment templatesFurthermore, as a quick guide, the Health and Safety Executive have produced the following steps for employers to follow to ensure that they meet their legal obligations. Consideration of all of these points should be taken when completing any relevant risk assessment.

Step 1: Carefully consider what hazardous substances are used in the workplace and find out the risks associated with using these substances to people’s health.

Step 2: Decide what precautions are needed before starting work with hazardous substances.

Step 3: Prevent people being exposed to hazardous substances, but where this is not reasonably practicable, control the exposure.

Step 4: Make sure control measures are used and maintained properly and that safety procedures are followed.

Step 5: If required, monitor exposure of employees to hazardous substances.

Step 6: Carry out health surveillance where your assessment has shown that this is necessary or COSHH makes specific requirements.

Step 7: If required, prepare plans and procedures to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies.

Step 8: Make sure all employees are properly informed, trained and supervised.

Available Generic COSHH Risk Assessment documents:


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