GoreTex and Waterproof Workwear

GORE-TEX waterproof clothing like a coat, jacket, pants or shoes

When looking for waterproof clothing, whether that is a boots, jacket, pants or gloves, you could be forgiven for thinking that GORE-TEX is the only material available to guarantee waterproofing.

GORE-TEX is the leading industry standard, and deservedly so, but there are other products and materials that meet official European standards EN 343 and are certified as waterproof too.

What makes something waterproof?

The EN 343 standard is measured by placing an amount of water on a material for a specific time and with a certain amount of pressure to see whether any moisture passes through it. Materials which don't have any water pass through them during the test are considered waterproof.

Generally speaking, a waterproof material is made up of three layers:
1.The outer layer which repels wind and water, causing it to bounce from the surface.

2. The middle layer is a membrane designed to protect against any wind or water that does happen to get through the first layer, so it acts as an extra defence to the first layer, giving the material double strength.

3. The third layer is inner lining which adds warmth and allows for breathability.

Are there other options available?

Regatta IsoTex

Other products and companies have their own versions of similar technology. As well as many GORE-TEX products, we also stock Regotta Professional, which uses IsoTex technology and Portwest products that use PWR technology. Both offer alternative versions of waterproof and breathable materials.

These qualities are determined on a microscopic level, but it is essentially a fabric that allows hot air to exit through the coat from the inside, however the water particles are too big to enter from the outside.

Which is the best option?

The best option depends entirely upon you, your budget, the design of the coat, what it will be used for and a whole host of other factors personal to your circumstances. But now you know that there are other waterproof products to choose from you can have a browse around our coats and jackets >

Portwest PWR material is also waterproof and breathable.

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