A Choice of Commercial Jangro Cleaning Chemicals

Four different choices to selecting the Jangro cleaning chemical right for you

Wray Bros is synonymous with the supply of Jangro janitorial products, especially cleaning chemicals. This range is manufactured from high quality ingredients and, is well respected in the commercial cleaning industry.  However, during the last few years the breadth of Jangro range has been developed considerably to meet the customers strategic goals.  

If we take the example washroom cleaning, there are now 4 distinct ranges available depending on the requirements of the customer. They are:

  • Option 1: Jangro Standard (High Quality Range)
  • Option 2: Jangro Enviro Range
  • Option 3: Jangro Concentrate
  • Option 4: Jangro Soluble Sachets

4 different approaches to cleaning chemicals supply

The above Jangro washroom products is an example of the different approach a customer can adopt in order to meet their financial and strategic aims.

1 Jangro Perfumed Toilet Cleaner – A washroom cleaner from the standard range of cleaning chemicals.  The Standard Jangro product is a high performance, professional range.  

2 Enviro  Daily Toilet Cleaner – A low environmental impact equivalent to the Jangro standard range designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. 

3 Jangro Concentrates – NEW The Jangro concentrate range with its high concentration, low dosage has been formulated to help reduce packaging demands.

4 Jangro Soluble Sachets – Designed to answer the needs of a number of issues such as storage, portability, accurate dosing and reduction in packaging and transport costs. 

Ultimately, it is the service that supports a product in regards to delivery, product guidance notes and health & safety information that helps define the excellent over the average.   Nevertheless, the above demonstrates the available options to suit the user and their needs.

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