Office Christmas Party - The Before & After

Hints to Clean Up After a Messy One!

As our minds turn to all things Christmas, you think your office should be on the wind-down but instead is busier than ever. Then some soul suggests a party, of course, you have left it too late to book anywhere, so you decide to hold it in the office. You put the checklist together:

1. Food ✓
2. Alcohol ✓
3. Christmas Tunes ✓
4. Secret Santa Presents ✓
5. Decorations - a mile or so of Tinsel should do ✓
6. Novelty Santa Hat or Antlers ✓
7. Christmas Jumper ✓

And the list goes on...however, have you given much thought to the cleanup? Keep your staff happy this season and give them the tools to have your office looking clean and fresh for the new year. Here are our handy hints to help you navigate the festivities.