Print And Embroidery Workwear With Impact

Why Choose Embroidery?

Embroidery looks the part and is durable enough to play the part. Aesthetically speaking, embroidery is the most professional finish on the market; it portrays premium value, with a strong sense of brand identity.

Embroidery is extremely robust too: it will withstand the exertions of everyday usage for example a logo will almost certainly outlive the lifespan of the garment itself. You can choose multiple colours to be used within your design at no extra cost and embroidered designs will withstand the rigours of constant washes whilst retaining their colour for longer.

Heavy materials such as fleeces or thick cotton were made for embroidery and act as the perfect canvas to flaunt your custom made design. Those surfaces seem to be incompatible with print. Embroidery also works brilliantly on softshell jackets, polos and all corporate workwear. Ironing isn't an issue with embroidery either as it is uses strong and robust thread, whereas with print this can sometimes see the design affected by the heat.

Discover how to get your workwear embroidered with your logo