Washroom Cleaning Chemicals

Jangro's washroom chemical range includes toilet and urinal cleaners as well as bathroom and shower cleaning chemicals. Three key ingredients make up most cleaning products, a surfactant or detergent to clean away the dirt, a bactericidal agent to kill germs and the most expensive element perfume that will leave a lasting and pleasant impression on an impeccably clean washroom.

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Jangro Urinal Cap >
Tackle bad odours and reduce water usage in your bathroom.

Blu Away and Biological Urinal Block >
See how science and technology can help save you time and money when cleaning toilets, bathrooms and wash closets.

Enviro Soluble Sachets >
How can the dilutable sachets save water, time and money?

This section includes best-selling Professional Jangro products such as Perfumed Toilet Cleaner, the hard-working Foaming Bactericidal Cleaner and the fabulous smelling Blu Away

Urinal Screen Deodoriser

Urinal Screen Deodoriser

Jangro Urinal Screen Deodoriser Biodegradable and highly fragranced with less plastic At a glance: ...

From £3.66 (£4.39 Inc VAT)
P-Trough Screen Deodoriser x 6

P-Trough Screen Deodoriser x 6

The Jangro P-Trough Screen releases an odour controlling bacteria over 30 daysThe urinal deodoriser is highly...

From £41.24 (£49.49 Inc VAT)