Refuse Sacks & Bin Bags

Refuse Sacks & Bin Bags

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A comprehensive range of wholesale refuse sacks and bin bags in varying degrees of sizes, gauge, colour and thickness is available for your commercial premises. All disposable bin sacks conform to the standards set out by the Cleaning Hygiene Suppliers Association, who produce an identification/marking system, which is applied to the cleaning products we provide. By using this system the consumer can select the most appropriate cleaning supplies equipment for their specific circumstances.

We are here to help you get the best from your purchase, for help and advice call 0151 709 2271. Whether you are looking for wholesale bin bags, clear refuse sacks or colour coded bags, from the larger wheelie bin bags to the smaller swing bin liners and office bin liners etc.

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Light, medium, heavy and extra heavy duty: what refuse sack is right for you and which gives you the best value for money?