Hand Soap Supplies

Hand soaps are a staple element of good washroom hygiene and an effective defence against infectious pathogens such as E.coli and Norovirus. Check out our video on good handwashing technique to your right. But, commercial washrooms do differ in quality and substance. The spectrum can range from a busy workshop washroom, to an exclusive facility in a high quality restaurant or hotel and there are many standards in between.

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Therefore a comprehensive range of professional hand soaps is required to cater for all environments, from the convenient bulk fill soap, handy 500ml bottle soaps to the cost-effective cartridge soaps. Look out for best-selling brands such as Jangro, Katrin, Tork, Rubbermaid and Deb. Don't forget to look at the wide choice of washroom soap dispensers too!

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Learn more about the hand hygiene obligations to provide washroom amenities that maintains staff morale, and for certain industries extends to the customers you want to leave a lasting impression.

Katrin Foam Soap Arctic Breeze

Katrin Foam Soap Arctic Breeze

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Sea Kelp Hand Wash

Sea Kelp Hand Wash

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