High Vis Jackets

The high vis jacket was the first garment to be designed, which offered a wearer protection by simply making people aware of their presence in a dangerous location such as a motorways, airports and building sites etc. Now, this ubiquitous item has become a common sight in everyday commerce. The effectiveness of high visibility clothing has led to an explosion of products being made available in these materials.
Essential reading Discover more on Hi Vis Work Jackets & EN ISO 20471 standards.

Hi Vis Contrast Traffic Jacket S466
From £20.84 (exc VAT)
£25.01 (inc VAT)
Hi Vis Contrast Bomber Jacket C465
From £35.54 (exc VAT)
£42.65 (inc VAT)
Reversible High Vis 2-Tone Jacket S769
From £27.72 (exc VAT)
£33.26 (inc VAT)
High Vis Bomber Jacket UC804
From £16.41 (exc VAT)
£19.69 (inc VAT)
High Vis Rain Jacket H440
From £13.90 (exc VAT)
£16.68 (inc VAT)
High Vis 7-in-1 Traffic Jacket S427
From £59.82 (exc VAT)
£71.78 (inc VAT)
High Vis Road Safety Jacket UC803
From £16.41 (exc VAT)
£19.69 (inc VAT)
Hi Vis 3 Layer Softshell Jacket S428
From £42.12 (exc VAT)
£50.54 (inc VAT)