Safety Hiker Boots

For those that work outdoors will require footwear that has all the relevant safety features of a work boot but also has the all-round terrain performance of a Hiker Boot. This section features a range of footwear that is suitable for use in all conditions. That offer waterproof and breathable membrane, steel toecap and midsoles for total protection.

Safety Hiker Boots
Hiker Boot S3 CFT30
From £33.07 (exc VAT)
£39.68 (inc VAT)
Compositelite Trekker Plus Boot S1P FC65
From £22.67 (exc VAT)
£27.20 (inc VAT)
Compositelite Operis Boot S3 FC60
From £37.88 (exc VAT)
£45.46 (inc VAT)
Steelite Hiker Boot S1P FW60
From £18.36 (exc VAT)
£22.03 (inc VAT)
Steelite Trekker Boot S1P FW63
From £18.72 (exc VAT)
£22.46 (inc VAT)