Safety Trainers

A range of safety trainers is available as an alternative to wearing heavy work shoes and safety boots in the workplace. Stylish and modern, they are sometimes a better option for foot protection in the workplace, particularly when the risk of foot injury is minimal. Trainers can also compliment work trousers and work shorts particularly in hot weather. Available in sizes from 5 -12.

Steelite Safety Trainer S1 FW15
From £18.85 (exc VAT)
£22.62 (inc VAT)
Himalayan 3413 Dual Density Trainer Shoe S1P
From £30.13 (exc VAT)
£36.16 (inc VAT)
Lee Cooper Softshell Shoe LCSHOE097
From £59.13 (exc VAT)
£70.96 (inc VAT)
Himalayan 3414 Dual Density Trainer Boot S1P
From £31.82 (exc VAT)
£38.18 (inc VAT)
Garona S1P Non Metallic Safety Trainer 4115
From £21.98 (exc VAT)
£26.38 (inc VAT)
Steelite Mid Cut Trainer SB FW30
From £31.15 (exc VAT)
£37.38 (inc VAT)
Portwest Steelite Ladies Safety Trainer FW39
From £28.30 (exc VAT)
£33.96 (inc VAT)
Himalayan S1P Safety Trainer 4038
From £35.56 (exc VAT)
£42.67 (inc VAT)
Himalayan SBP 5125 Iconic Skater Shoe
From £33.87 (exc VAT)
£40.64 (inc VAT)