Catering Uniforms

Catering staff who take a pride in their appearance help contribute to a high reputation for the establishment they work in. Nothing helps more to promote an impression of professionalism than the appearance of the workforce and if a touch of style can be added than reputations will increase still further. We have put together a range of catering clothing which is practical, stylish and available to the UK online or from our trade counter in Merseyside.

Blue Striped Butchers Apron S839

Blue Striped Butchers Apron S839

Stock Code: DC831-NS
£5.71 (exc VAT)
£6.85 (inc VAT)
Unit: EACH
PolyCotton Bib Apron S841
From £4.83 (exc VAT)
£5.80 (inc VAT)
Chefs Skull Cap S899
From £3.22 (exc VAT)
£3.86 (inc VAT)
Cotton Snood Cap S896

Cotton Snood Cap S896

Stock Code: DC836
£2.70 (exc VAT)
£3.24 (inc VAT)
Unit: EACH
Drawstring Chefs Trouser C070
From £14.77 (exc VAT)
£17.72 (inc VAT)
Waist Apron S894
From £4.24 (exc VAT)
£5.09 (inc VAT)
Bromley Chefs Trouser Elastic C079
From £12.21 (exc VAT)
£14.65 (inc VAT)
Somerset Chefs Jacket C834
From £14.70 (exc VAT)
£17.64 (inc VAT)
Sussex Chef Jacket C836
From £12.80 (exc VAT)
£15.36 (inc VAT)
Red Striped Butchers Apron S855

Red Striped Butchers Apron S855

Stock Code: DC832-RS
£6.14 (exc VAT)
£7.37 (inc VAT)
Unit: EACH
Harrow Chefs Trousers S068
From £12.73 (exc VAT)
£15.28 (inc VAT)
Aerated Chef Jacket C676
From £15.43 (exc VAT)
£18.52 (inc VAT)
Cornwall Teflon Chef Jacket C831
From £12.36 (exc VAT)
£14.83 (inc VAT)