Catering Uniforms

Catering staff must look as good as the food they present. Their service and appearance reflect on the reputation of the company they work for so a professional chef uniform is a must for any cook or kitchen worker. We provide a host of practical options for you: white or black buttoned jackets, checked trousers, striped aprons, hats, caps or snoods. You can even personalise your gear with our Print and Embroidery Service.

PolyCotton Bib Apron S841
From £4.83 (exc VAT)
£5.80 (inc VAT)
Blue Striped Butchers Apron S839

Blue Striped Butchers Apron S839

Stock Code: DC831-NS
£5.71 (exc VAT)
£6.85 (inc VAT)
Unit: EACH
Chefs Skull Cap S899
From £3.22 (exc VAT)
£3.86 (inc VAT)
Cotton Snood Cap S896

Cotton Snood Cap S896

Stock Code: DC836
£2.70 (exc VAT)
£3.24 (inc VAT)
Unit: EACH
Drawstring Chefs Trouser C070
From £14.77 (exc VAT)
£17.72 (inc VAT)
Bromley Chefs Trouser Elastic C079
From £12.21 (exc VAT)
£14.65 (inc VAT)
Red Striped Butchers Apron S855

Red Striped Butchers Apron S855

Stock Code: DC832-RS
£6.14 (exc VAT)
£7.37 (inc VAT)
Unit: EACH
Harrow Chefs Trousers S068
From £12.73 (exc VAT)
£15.28 (inc VAT)
Waist Apron S894
From £4.24 (exc VAT)
£5.09 (inc VAT)
Somerset Chefs Jacket C834
From £14.70 (exc VAT)
£17.64 (inc VAT)
Aerated Chef Jacket C676
From £15.43 (exc VAT)
£18.52 (inc VAT)
Sussex Chef Jacket C836
From £12.80 (exc VAT)
£15.36 (inc VAT)
Cornwall Teflon Chef Jacket C831
From £12.36 (exc VAT)
£14.83 (inc VAT)