Our Animal Testing Policy

At Wray Bros we believe passionately in social issues from our policy on modern slavery to our stance on the use of Palm Oil in our Enviro chemicals.

Increasingly, our customers want to know where we stand on animal testing and what our policy is particularly in an industry sector that uses chemicals.

 Animal Testing Logo for Wray Bos

We can confirm that our supplier Jangro does not carry out or commission animal tests on its janitorial hygiene products.

The Jangro products, and the ingredients used to make the finished Jangro products, have never been tested on animals, at any stage in their development.

This is because our industry is profoundly affected by two major pieces of EU regulation:
Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) and REACH Regulations.

Both require applicant companies to provide an extensive dossier of information to the appointed authority including Toxicological and Eco-Toxicological data.

 Animal Testing Policy from Wray Bos Suppliers

Both pieces of legislation strongly promote the use of alternatives to animal testing to establish the safety of ingredients and preparations.

To confirm all the Jangro and Enviro products have not been tested on animals.

We are also happy to send full PDF documents of Animal Testing policies from the companies who supply Jangro with products, upon request.