Protect Yourself from Wasting Money on Inferior Refuse Sacks

What to watch out for when buying wholesale bin bags

Looking for ways to save money and get good value for your budget is an ongoing task.  But when buying your cleaning supplies, how can you tell you are being sold sub-standard or mis-labeled products rather than the bargain you thought you was getting?

When it comes to buying refuse sacks it is no difference. Though now help is at hand to remove the confusion as what you are actually buying when you part with your money. 

Traditionally refuse sacks have been sold based upon the thickness or gauge of the plastic sack, i.e. a thicker sack would be stronger than a thinner refuse sack. Nowadays, thanks to technology and improved manufacturing processes gauge does not readily indicate the strength of the refuse sack.  For example, a thin refuse sack made of virgin polymer can be much stronger than a thicker sack made from recycled polymer.  So how do you choose and know what you are getting value-for-money?

Help with buying quality and relaible bin bags

The accredited packaging will document the product dimensions such as length, width, minimum net weight and the number of sacks in the pack. More importantly than that CHSA accredited sacks feature a “fit for purpose” scale that overcomes the confusion over gauge ‘v’ strength issue.  See the above image that explains how you can buy with greater peace-of-mind knowing you are getting what you paid for.

Wray Bros is a member Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association and supplies refuse sacks approved by the CHSA Scheme.   You can also rest assured sack manufacturers and their products are regularly monitored for compliance by an independent inspector

Buy with confidence from our wholesale bin bags range.