Base Protection Introduction

Why Base footwear?

Base Protection is an Italian brand that puts comfort at the forefront of its designs, plans and procedures. We opted to sell a selection of Base as they're a company who understand that as well as durable protection, comfort of professional shoes is vital. They have great resources including designers, researchers and technicians who dig deeper into new and innovative solutions. Their teams have created patented technology which combine safety and comfort, efficiency and aesthetic, work and free time.

Base Protection has a wider view of comfort that goes beyond general foot wellness, making sure they understand the users' needs. But with all of this innovation - what does the individual technology really mean?

Base Protection innovative technologies and systems

The Technologies

A heat-sealed membrane that ensures complete waterproofing even in the constant presence of water. The upper seams prevent any accumulation of water between the upper and the lining, avoiding any inrease weight of the shoe also. This too allows for a more comfortable foot temperature. Features in Base Be-Dry B0895, Base Be-Powerful B0898 and Base Be-Rock.

A clever system that Base Protection are hugely proud of. The revolutionary technology was created by Base specifically for the new Kaptiv® shoe line. i-daptive® adapts to the foot to give you an incredible feeling of dynamic comfort. Available in: Base K-Step Safety Trainers.

The i-daptive® system works on several levels:

- Provides stability to the foot and, in case of small lateral oscillations, corrects the axis of the foot, bringing it back to the optimal position.
- Facilitates walking by giving fluidity to the heel-toe transition, through a modular process called "variable geometry"
- Adapts to the rough, uneven surface of the ground, behaving like an active suspension that cushions and reduces the repercussions on the stability of the foot.
- Anti-fatigue, reduces the risk of trauma and sprains in bad terrain through absorption, dissapation, stability and return of energy.

Dry'n Air:
A technology, patented by Base, which guarantees the air circulation inside the shoe. Dry'n Air PLUS is a built-in air flow system with ballistic textile puncture-resistant, which uses the "Venturi effect" for the air circulation below the foot. An exclusive technology, patented by Base Protection, which allows to reduce the outsole's hard and compact thickness, up to values never obtained before. The results in more elasticity and cushion effect.

All Terrain Sole:
The cleated outsole have a variable height of 4 to 8mm and are rounded allowing to be self-cleaning. The outsole provides excellent grip on numerous ground types such as: melted, snowy, muddy, gravel soil. Also benefitting from a higher profile heel, giving greater safety when travelling up stairs or steep terrain. Available in Base Bison Top B0741 Boots and Base Camel Top B0716 Boots.

A metal-free toe-cap offering lighter, greater flexibility than your regular steel option. This cap is also non-magnetic and thermal insulated, guaranteeing more comfort without giving up on design.

The greatest part about it is that the thickness is reduced compared to other similar toe cap on the market - 35% thinner compared to the market standard thickness and safety performances guaranteed from -40° a +60°. It complies with the European (EN 20345), Canadian (CSA) and American (ANSI) impact and compression tests.

Features in the following styles:
- Base Camel Top B0716 Boots
- Base Bison Top B0741 Boots
- Base Be-Powerful B0898 Boots
- Base Rafting Top B0610 Boots
- Base Be-Jetty B0883 Boots
- Base Be-Browny B0883 Boots
- Base Be-Rock B0895 Boots
- Base Be-Dry B0895 Boots
- Base Frisbee B0647 Trainers
- Base Marathon B0677 Trainers


A metal-free, tapered toe cap that discharges the force generated by an impact and able to withstand the greatest mechanical stresses required by the EN ISO 20345 and 22568 standards. Available in: Base Universe B1501 Shoe and Base Orbit B1500 Shoe.

An anti-odor lining, that prevents Bacteria and Fungus, responsible for odors, from taking hold anywhere in your shoes. With SmellStop the foot remains healthy.

Remember, when selecting your next footwear, look at the tasks you or your team will undertake and the conditions under which they work to decide on the most appropriate. Still unsure what may be best? Call the team on: 0151 709 2271 to discuss!