Wray Bros vow to Beat the Cheats with the CHSA

Wray Bros believe in quality and simplicity; in the cleaning supplies that we sell, to the customer service we hold dear. Every aspect of our business is built on honesty and a commitment to quality and that is why we are proud of our membership to the CHSA (Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association). For peace-of-mind look for the CHSA logo on mop heads, refuse sacks and your paper supplies

The CHSA has ideals that are in line with our own and their 'Beat the Cheats' campaign is something that we are passionate about. Representing over 200 manufacturers and distributors of cleaning supplies across the UK the CHSA offers all of us the chance to abide by their Association's Code of Practice. In essence, this means that should you purchase wholesale janitorial supplies from us you will know there are products that have the seal of approval from a national body and you can trust in the quality immediately.

Beat the Cheats is aimed at an area of the industry that has grown in recent years, the companies and individuals who sell cleaning supplies with misleading information or downright sub-standard supplies. In particular the CHSA is keen for buyers to understand the considerations when purchasing such cleaning supplies as refuse sacks, mops and soft tissue supplies such as toilet tissue and centrefeed rolls.

For these three supplies in particular the following should be noted:
  • Wholesale Refuse Sacks: Confusion over which type is right for you as they come in many different shapes and sizes. CHSA accredited sacks are always clearly labelled.
  • Wholesale Mop Heads: The 'yarn weight' of a mop will tell you how durable it is, the heavier the better, some rogue traders have been known to sell underweight mops - so stay aware.
  • Wholesale Paper Tissue: In recent years there have been more cases of toilet tissue being sold without any labelling or with inaccurate descriptions - short changing customers.
Especially in the current economic climate customers are rightly shopping around and they want to know that they are getting value for money with whatever they are purchasing. The CHSA logo adorns our Jangro cleaning supplies, an instant nod to quality and honesty. You'll receive goods that match your expectancy and will complete the tasks at hand to exacting standards.

Working with ethical business partners always puts the mind at ease and just as we wish to work with businesses and individuals who share our morals we are sure that our customers and partners feel the same way. The CHSA accreditation is a badge we wear with honour.

Keep an eye out for a series of blogs on specific things to look out for when it comes to substandard cleaning supplies and how you know you're buying the best quality product.

In order to help make you look good and get best value Wray Bros backs the bid to Beat the Cheats!