Custom made tunics helps create a look that truly makes your brand stand-out

Nothing advertises the professionalism of a company more than a well turned-out workforce.

The variety of ready-to-wear staff uniforms these days is comprehensive. Working with any good workwear supplier, a company can put together a smart uniform package, which will look good on their staff.

However, off the peg solutions are available to all and having your staff looking slightly similar to another organisation could be a compromise. Particularly if you are the type of company that values the importance of a unique identity, in that case a custom option is required.

Does a bespoke tunic require a bespoke budget?

A common misconception exists, that although a bespoke uniform is desirable it’s not really an affordable, practical option, especially for smaller companies. Yet today, bespoke uniforms are not just for big companies with large workforces, SME’s with less than 50 employees can cost effectively have uniforms specifically designed for them.

Wray Bros has launched a new bespoke uniform service, which allows a business the opportunity to emulate bigger, national companies by having their own staff uniform manufactured and styled to their individual requirements.
All the concern and worry associated with producing a bespoke uniform is taken away, as Wray Bros staff are on-hand to simplify the design process.

4 Steps to get your very own bespoke staff uniform

1. Easy, firstly contact Mark Woodworth on 0151 709 2271.
2. Once the initial design meeting has taken place Wray Bros can usually provide you with a sample of the garment within two weeks.
3. When you are happy and the garment is approved, an official order is raised.
4. The garment then goes into production. Orders are normally produced and finished within a month.

The service is available for an order of just 50 garments, with no sizing restrictions. The varieties of options available are only hampered by the limit of your imagination.

Wray Bros, we are here to make you look good.