How to get the best result from your floor polish remover

As a follow-up to a previous article: Have you had problems applying emulsion floor polish? This article is to help ensure your floor polish remover works as expected. Regardless if being used on vinyl, sealed wood, rubber or marble etc the floor stripping task can be easily managed by bearing in mind a few simple checks.

Firstly, read the manufacturer's instructions especially if the product has to be diluted with warm water. Often users do not allow sufficient time for the floor stripper solution to penetrate the polish before they try removing the worn polish. Similarly, the floor surface may have too many coats of floor polish that may require a second application of polish remover. Finally, it is worth mentioning that you are using the correct floor pad or brush to help remove the slurry from the floor.

Floor Polish remover works best when following a few simple steps Floor Polish remover works best when following a few simple steps

Floor strippers like Jangro Floor Polish Remover are a popular choice with many. When it comes to saving time some users may prefer to spend a bit more to use a rinse free polish remover such as Jangro Floor Polish Remover Rinse Free. With its quick, efficient action and the fact it can eliminate the need to neutralise the floor saves times and labour costs.

Look out for further articles regarding problem solving on applying floor polish and the importance of floor cleaning to minimise slips, trips, falls and possible legal action. We can help with your both your floor cleaning products and possible floor care problems, just call or drop us a line at Wray Bros.