The 5 Best Smelling Jangro Cleaning Chemicals!

Here is the top 5 best selling, best smelling Jangro cleaning chemicals.

Here is a round up of the most popular Jangro cleaning chemicals with a fragrance. So, here is everything you need for a wonderful smelling workplace, as used by professional cleaners, like you.

Whether fresh, fruity, floral or crisp and tangy fragrance you can be assured the Jangro range will make appeal to all your sense of smell and sense of pride!

It is well documented how we use aromas to make a positive impression. You only have to consider the fact nine out of ten people use air fresheners at home, with plug-ins and candles being the most popular choice.  Whilst there is no difference in the desire to keep the workplace fresh and clean smelling, though possibly your Health & Safety Officer may take exception of the use of scented candles, the challenge is to find a long-lasting fragrance that also does a job of getting rid of bad odours.

For the conscientious site manager, cleaner or caretaker is to use cleaning products that removes bad odours, leaves a pleasant but enduring fragrance and crucially provides a superb cleaning performance. The Jangro range of cleaning chemicals is renowned for the quality of the perfumes. These products, loved by hygiene professionals, cover a wide range of everyday cleaning tasks that help maintain a clean working environment, that smells good too!

Are scents used in the home and workplace different?

Interestingly, the type of scents that appeal to the home and the workplace are fairly similar. For example, floral scents - rose and lily, citrus scents - lemon and fruit scents - berry and apple. Below are a number of the best selling Jangro cleaning chemicals with an overview of the perfumes contained within each, including . . . .

The Fragrance, The Product    
Why users love this product

Germicidal Washroom Cleaner
A fresh, fruity and powdery floral fragrance, with lilac notes of peach, carnation, jasmin, violet and heliotrope on a balsamic and musky fond.



A cleaner that leaves washrooms refreshingly clean and hygienic. It is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces.


Lemon Floor Gel
A crisp and tangy accord, bursting with juicy lemon top notes on a sharp and lively
heart of crisp lime.



A floor gel with a distinctive lemon aroma,  that deodorises and removes soiling from a variety of hard surfaces.


Enviro Foaming Washroom & Toilet Cleaner
A cool citrus fragrance with zesty lemon peel and tangy lime, modifies with hints of eucalyptus and peppermint.



This will quickly remove limescale, body fat and stubborn stains. Suitable for surfaces such as porcelain, stainless steel, chrome and ceramic tiles.


Cleaner Disinfectant
A robust, floral herbaceous fragrance with green herbal top notes of lavender on an elegant floral heart of rose, jasmin and lily. Base notes are sweet and long-lasting with powdery musk and peachy aspects.
Contains natural oils of lavandin and eucalyptus.



A popular choice with schools, nursing homes, leisure centres and hospitals as it helps prevent the spread of infection, kills MRSA and passes EN 1276.


Perfumed Toilet Cleaner
This crisp and crunchy-fresh fragrance leads with green fruity top notes of apple on a soft and fruity heart enriched by sweet and musky back notes at the base.
Contains natural extract of orange.



A highly perfumed market best-seller for toilet cleaning. Such is its versatility, those who want to use just one product for the washroom opt for this Toilet Cleaner.


Don't forget - Odourless Cleaning Chemicals have a role to play too!

There will always be those situations or environments where a fragrance is not required. For instance, Jangro offer a comprehensive range of chemicals that are odourless and non-tainting, that make them the preferred choice for catering environments.

It is always our intention to help make your cleaning tasks that much easier. If you you believe we can help get the best out of your janitorial budget or need advice on any particular cleaning challenge, then please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist and make you look good. To discuss the cleaning needs of your building call Wray Bros on 0151 709 2271 or contact Margaret at [email protected].