What is the best work jacket and what is EN 343?

Are you looking for new workwear jackets?

No doubt you are looking for a quality brand at a great price. What else is important to you? Obviously, an outstanding choice of colours and designs is a must. Okay, job done . . . well, sort of, as the best work jacket is the one that helps you do your job in comfort.

Choosing an EN 343 jacket made for the rigours of your daily workload

A quick way to identify if a garment is made to face the rigours of a wet working day, is to check if it is certified to the highest waterproof standard, EN 343 class 3 (class 1 offers the lowest level of protection and class 3 the highest). Next, is to think about what weather conditions will you encounter? Would a hood be suitable? If you work in changeable environments why not look at a multi-functional coat, that combines a fleece or bodywarmer that can be worn separately?