Cheap v Value for Money Cleaning Chemicals & Product Hype

Useless cleaning product marketing claims

Some manufacturer’s make marketing statements about their cleaning products like ‘CFC free’ ‘bleach free’ and ‘Acid free’ when it is irrelevant to the formulation, i.e. you would never use these ingredients in the first place, but it looks good on the packaging.

Don't fall for the spin. If a cheap cleaning product makes a claim ask for the proof! Don't fall for the spin. If a cheap cleaning product makes a claim ask for the proof!

Impractical cleaning product claims

Another technique is labelling and charging for a product claiming it to be something that it is not. Even if it is what it is claimed to be the effectiveness of the product makes any benefits product may have virtually impractical to use. To better explain, a manufacturer markets a washing up liquid which they claim is bactericidal. However, the product is only bactericidal when the product is used undiluted, i.e. neat! How often do you use a washing liquid without adding water? Whereas, we supply Jangro Supreme Washing-Up Liquid is typically diluted at 1 to 1200.

Proving Cleaning Chemicals are fit for purpose

For further peace-of-mind buyers should always ask for a laboratory report for a product claiming to bactericidal which should clearly state the relevant EN standards, the concentrations (Dilution rate) used and the contact time. Wray Bros can supply laboratory reports on:

Value for money wholesale cleaning products

There is some truth in the old adage that the ‘proof of the pudding’ so you have nothing to lose by trialling a cheap alternative. Ultimately, we believe tried and tested products such as the Jangro cleaning supplies offer true value-for-money with their superb fragrances, excellent dilution and cleaning performance.

Furthermore, what sets us apart is the comprehensive package of support including access, where applicable, to microbiological lab reports that proves the standards your Jangro Cleaning Chemicals have been tested to, product usage guides, easily accessible MSDS and COSHH templates you can download.

Contact us if you need help or advice with your wholesale cleaning products. If you are looking to save money and still deliver consistent, high standards of hygiene then we can make you look good.

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