Cheap vs Value-For-Money: Toilet Rolls & Centrefeed Rolls

Many janitorial suppliers like Wray Bros supply hand towels, toilet rolls and centrefeed rolls, used as a wiping product in busy establishments such as professional kitchens. For the buyer, the choice and availability of so many paper products is ideal for competitive purchasing. However, the remaining challenge is to make sure that the product they are buying is superior quality and offers value-for-money janitorial supplies.

When it comes to paper supplies, there are a few simple checks a buyer should undertake to overcome some of the techniques low-cost suppliers use to sell a product that is ultimately inferior in terms of cost-in-use.

PaperCHSA Wray Bros use approved paper suppliers that have products that adhere to the CHSA standards and accreditation scheme for soft tissue products.

What to watch out for when buying disposable paper supplies

If you are unsure of what to look out for when buying paper, key points to be on guard for are the length and quantity. E.g. centrefeed rolls have an industry standard of 150m however, products that measure 120m are available, making the price more competitive. Another example is some suppliers of centrefeed and mini/jumbo toilet rolls, prefer to state the number of sheets. While adhering to CHSA guidelines, this practice isn't helpful, as it isn't an easy comparison with length. How do you know if you're being shortchanged?

Less is not always more

Another technique adopted by low-cost suppliers is to reduce the weight of the product this causes it to break down more readily. Only the more switched on buyers will weigh the product to determine whether they are getting an inferior product or not.

No doubt as a buyer and a consumer what you require is a dependable and reliable supply of products. Some paper suppliers spot buy 'mother' reels on the open market. The issue then is one of inconsistency as the product may be really good one month and terrible the next. Though without question, if you ask a supplier that spot buys on the open market for a sample for a product trial, you will receive a better quality product, however, long term who knows what will follow once approved.

Wray Bros use Jangro approved paper suppliers, that have products that adhere to the CHSA standards and accreditation scheme for soft tissue products. See CHSA ‘Beat the Cheats’ article for more information on what this means in terms of consistency and quality for your paper supplies.

If you are looking to save money and yet deliver consistent, high standards of wholesale janitorial supplies, then we can make you look good. Contact us if you need help or advice with disposable paper supplies, cleaning products or industrial workwear.

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