Guide to Cleaning Leisure Centres and Gym Facilities

A gym or leisure facility is altogether a different animal to clean than a normal business. It's not everyday cleanliness that you are aspiring to, it's something much more.

First impression is everything, for any business, but when you're talking about the fitness industry, customers are likely to want a lot more than just a shiny covering to draw them in. They're thinking about their health.

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The Life & Grime of a Gym Cleaner

For a gym and leisure centre you will have to remove:

  • Soilage
  • Body Fats
  • Grease

And apply:

  • Mould Prevention
  • Poolside Cleaning Techniques
  • Daily cleaning of whole site
All sounds pretty unpleasant doesn't it?

When you're in the game of promoting a healthy lifestyle and glowing skin the last thing you want is to have the cracks appear in the armour of cleanliness in your gym or centre.

A fluid hygiene regime is what is required to ensure that every single day the communal areas undergo a deep clean. This pretty much encapsulates everything as you have gym and pool areas, sports courts, changing rooms and waiting areas.

Wray Bros Cleaning Supplies Offers Deep Cleaning Solutions for Gyms

The customer will walk away if they don't have a good impression about the cleanliness of where they work out. This works on two levels, firstly it helps the mind and body to work out if you're in pleasant, nice looking surroundings. Secondly, health and safety is a big thing and no one wants to think they are using equipment that is covered in the last persons sweat, it's not a pretty thought. So bear that in mind when putting in action the individuals and cleaning supplies to keep your gym or leisure centre clean.

Our supplies are always of the highest quality and can offer you that chance to not only leave a sparkle to wow the customers but also the knowledge that it is a deep clean being provided.

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