Cleaning & janitorial supplies to Merseyside Schools, Colleges and Universities

Janitorial supplies dedicated for use within Schools, Colleges and Universities

With many years’ experience of supplying cleaning products to educational premises you can have confidence Wray Bros has an intimate understanding of your needs.

Why you are different!

Schools and Colleges are often more densely populated than commercial office spaces make the cleaning of educational premises tough, challenging work.  Furthermore, we understand the day-to-day challenges you face, such as limited storage space. 

Therefore, you require a specialist janitorial supplies company that can deliver promptly but more importantly a company that delivers orders complete at the first time of asking.  As we deliver, split case quantities you can order the exact quantities to suit your storage cupboard and not the pack sizes for the convenience of the supplier.

Safer products, safer workplace

No doubt, another consideration is the use of relevant cleaning chemicals that help create a healthier workplace for students and staff.   For example, from Wray Bros you can source air fresheners free of compounds that contribute to indoor pollution and may cause headaches, nausea and respiratory problems. Especially important when bear in mind children breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults

Cleaning supplies for Liverpool schools, colleges and universities on Merseyside, North West


Finally, there is ‘Price’ or more importantly ‘Value-for-Money’. Be careful when benchmarking prices as pricing should factor in whole cost of the product from its cost-in-use in order to gauge product performance and real value.  We believe we can offer dedicated, competitive prices allied to superb, safer, less toxic cleaning products that benefit the working environment and your budget.
Don't forget Wray Bros offer FREE delivery with NO minimum order charge!

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