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How the use of video can help with good internal communications

At Wray Bros we understand that anything you can offer to liven up a training situation or keep your staff members abreast of the latest developments that will help them perform their daily tasks to the highest of their ability, is a good thing.  One thing that we believe helps us stand out as a company that cares about our products and services is that we create our own videos in our studio.

It’s certainly not an industry standard but we believe in providing not only the highest quality of tools for your staff members to perform their jobs, but also you with the tools that will help communicate an implementation of a new product or new branded workwear to your team.

Whatever your line of business, having strong structures in place and strong lines of communication throughout the company is vital to ensure a smooth running operation where everyone is working from the same page. Sometimes when management have made a decision to change a certain procedure in the daily work cycle, or to move towards using a different product or equipment range the process to implement this change can be fraught with difficulties, especially if your staff members have been used to the norm for quite some time.

How we used to communicate and train staff!

Staff morale is an important part of the modern company and long gone are the days when you would expect a change to be heralded from on high and staff were expected to just get on with it from one day to the next without any explanation of why the change was made or how they were to deal with that change individually and as a team.

For those of us who have been in business a fair while will remember the dreaded staff training using shaky, out-of-focus overhead projector slides. Then those boring team talks turned into power point presentations in the 90s but that quickly became stale too. How can you invigorate your staff members into seeing why you’ve decided to change their uniforms or to direct them into how best and safely to use a new product?

the use of video for training is growing but it is important to ensure the content is also up to date and relevant.

How we use video and technology to share and improve our understanding

Technology has changed everything, with smart phones, tablets and computers all allowing access to the Internet and thousands of ways in which you can view and analyse data. Something that we’re all guilty of is using Google every day, whether it’s to find the lyrics to that song we’ve been listening to or a recipe for this evening’s meal; you might check YouTube to find out how to do something.

The world is at our fingertips but it also allows you to enhance the working experience, even down to the staid and stale training courses and bland team meetings anyone who’s worked in an office environment knows too well. Videos can perfectly encapsulate a new product or new uniform in a way you just couldn’t do on your own with a flip-board and some printed brochures – embrace the now and improve your internal communication processes to include the latest technologies.

If you would like to find more out about how Wray Bros can help you inform your staff of the latest products, equipment or workwear that they are to use or wear, please feel free to give us a call on 0151 709 2271. Our friendly team of customer service advisors understand our products and equipment inside out and can help you understand them too and help you formulate the best ways to get your ideas across to your staff members. Pop on in to the trade counter or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.