Help Your Cleaning Staff Avoid Contact Related Dermatitis

In the cleaning profession, your staff are bound to come into contact with potentially hazardous materials and substances, such as detergents, bleach and solvents..

Over time exposure to these substances can cause contact-related dermatitis, as an employer, you must assess the risks involved and provide staff with training and appropriate PPE to minimise or better still prevent the possibility on contact-dermatitis.

A cleaner will need protection against substances that can cause itching, blistering and flaking of the skin A cleaner will need protection against substances that can cause itching, blistering and flaking of the skin.

Contact dermatitis, or eczema, happens when the dermis is damaged. A cleaner is more likely to come into contact with substances and workloads that will break the skin down, causing itching, blistering, cracking and flaking of the skin.

As an employer, you should take care to provide the following:

Training, Information & Awareness

Assess the risks that your cleaning staff have around them. What type of substances are they using, and is there enough protection against the repetitive nature of their tasks? Ensure that your cleaning staff understand the dangers of handling chemical substances and that they know the signs of dermatitis and to report any instances to a supervisor. A culture of awareness about skin conditions is vital for cleaning staff to prevent future instances.

Disposable Gloves

If your staff handle cleaning materials all day long or are used to washing dishes by hand as part of your job, you will understand how damaging it can be on their hands and skin. One solution is to wear disposable gloves. Wray Bros supplies gloves to protect your staff from prolonged exposure to the cleaning substances they use daily. And as we are determined to make you look good, you can be sure the materials are of the highest quality.

Soaps & Moisturiser

Wray Bros is committed to providing you and your cleaning staff with as much help as possible.We supply hand soaps, moisturiser and barrier creams that offer a level of protection to the skin and acts as a barrier between chemicals and your skin. With proper awareness, training and application of such soaps, your skin will have a better chance of warding off the harmful effects of chemical substances while simultaneously replenishing your skins natural oils.

Wray Bros are keen to emphasise our passion for supplying only the highest quality of cleaning supplies. Disposable gloves, hand sanitisers, industrial soaps and barrier creams can be found within our website, helping you help your staff prevent contact related dermatitis.