Your Dilution Guide to Wholesale Jangro Cleaning Chemical Supplies

Download dilution control guides for the Jangro cleaning chemicals range

The Wray Bros Knowledge Bank is designed to provide you with the information to get the job done efficiently and ultimately to help you make an informed purchase. This no more evident than the dilution control guides that show how to get even better value and performance from your Jangro cleaning supplies by diluting correctly to suit the task in-hand.

Or if dilution is too much bother, discover how concentrates and sachets could be more suited to you by clicking HERE >

Jangro Housekeeping Chemicals Dilution Guide

jangro housekeeping chemical dilution tips

Jangro Washroom Chemicals Dilution Guide

jangro washroom chemical dilution tips

Jangro Floorcare Chemicals Dilution Guide

jangro floorcare chemical dilution tips

Jangro Kitchen Chemicals Dilution Guide

jangro kitchen chemical dilution tips

Jangro Laundry Dilution Guide

jangro laundry dilution tips

Jangro Car Valeting Dilution Guide

jangro car valeting chemical dilution tips