High Vis Workwear en343

ISO EN20471 high vis vests, jackets and trousers

EN343 – (Assesses the resistance to water penetration and water vapour resistance)

For protection against rain in your workwear, look for those garments that specify ISO EN 343. This is the European standard that applies to garments worn in adverse weather conditions.  It specifies the characteristics of protective clothing against the influence of foul weather, wind and cool above 5oc.  The standard provides for two performance parameters:

X = Waterproofness (3 levels)

Y = Breathable properties (3 levels)

What can sometime be overlooked when looking for waterproof workwear is the garments ability to allow the skin to breathe.  Your workers will appreciate workwear that helps keep them dry when working outdoors but working in clammy conditions does little for comfort of the user. This occurs when the humidity within the garment builds, leading to condensation and the skin is left feeling clammy.

Contrast Jacket meets ISO EN 20471 and EN 343

So what about our example, the Contrast Bomber Jacket?

Contrast 3-in-1 Bomber Jacket C465 offers comfortable protection against all weather conditions. The detachable fur lining and collar in combination with the zip-out sleeve make it a superbly adaptable garment.

Contrast Bomber Jacket C465 ISO EN specifications:

EN471 class 3 (Class 3 provides the highest level of conspicuity)

& EN343 class 3:1. (Class 3 provides the greatest level of rain protection and level 1 indicates the garment provides the lowest level of breathability)

If you want further peace-of-mind when selecting your high vis workwear you can always contact Wray Bros for help, advice or a high vis garment data sheet, so you can rest assured that the workwear you choose for your business are fit for purpose.