Make the most of the Barrier and Entrance Mats at your feet

The first impression is always the most important and a dirty floor can leave a visitor to your building with the wrong impression.

As visitors enter your building with dirty footwear they can unwittingly leave a mess and a trail behind them. It’s not their fault, but you can do something to prevent this eyesore whilst also creating a much more visual first impression.  

Wray Bros provides barrier mats that can help reduce the amount of walked in dirt by up to 70% and entrance matting that offers an inviting entrance to your visitor.

Barrier Mat and Entrance Mats help maintain make a positive impression with your customers

Barrier Matting and Entrance Matting

By installing the correct barrier matting, such as the FrontLine Mat, to the entrance to your building and ensuring that it is properly maintained you can provide an essential, but often overlooked part of carpet care that can make a real difference to the visual first impression any visitor will naturally have.

Wray Bros can talk through your specific requirements, the type of building you own or rent, whether it is the ground floor or higher, the traffic conditions and the type of materials present on the exterior of the building that could pose a threat to the cleanliness of your floor!

There are numerous ways in which you can control the dirt and dust present on your floor. We wouldn’t advocate having a member of staff with a vacuum cleaner stood on the threshold but you can prevent excess dirt with the right barrier mat, of varying heaviness, material and size. The larger the mat the more likely you are to allow people to place both shoes down and prevent dirt from getting on to the rest of the floor.

Maintenance can be efficient if you use a suitable carpet cleaner to soak the barrier and entrance mats on a regular basis. If you maintain a regular and effective cleaning programme for your barrier mats the cleaner the appearance of your entrance and the lower the costs of cleaning will become. Consider professional cleaning occasionally for a more thorough cleaning of the mats.

Colour of your Entrance Mat

Choosing an entrance mat might not seem like the most exciting thing you could be doing with your time but it is important and the colour of your chosen carpet, something that is often an afterthought, can have a massive impact on your long term cleanliness and the WOW factor of the first impression.

Your first instinct to go for an attractive colour might draw the eye, but what if that eye is drawn to a quickly faded colour or the build up of soil that appears worse because there is a stark contrast between the choice of carpet colour and the type of dirt directly outside your building.

Wray Bros can help you run through some ideas and use the information at our disposal to ensure that your cleaning costs are kept down by your choice of carpet colour and the reduction of walked in dirt with the correct choice of barrier matting for you.