Jangro Enviro Concentrates: Low Cost, High Concentration

The Enviro Concentrates reduce packaging, emissions and ultimately saves you money. Find out more . . .

The magnificent 7 super concentrate Enviro cleaning products have been formulated to provide exceptional cleaning performance a refreshing fragrance. The range also includes two unperfumed products for areas where fragrance is not appropriate, such as kitchen areas. It is when it comes to the environment and cost-in-use is when the Jangro Enviro Concentrates really make an impact.

Enviro Concentrates deliver a cleaning approach that takes into consideration your environmental and economic concerns. For instance, there is much less packaging required and a reduction in the volume of emissions incurred transporting ready to use liquids.

With its high concentration the Enviro Concentrate range means one 1 litre bottle provides up to 100 trigger sprays bottles or 50 x 5 litre buckets of cleaning solution.