Enviro Range Comparison Infographic

Concerned about the environmental impact of your cleaning products?

If you have been contemplating Jangro's Enviro range for some time but haven't tried them yet, this infographic will help you make your mind up. We compared the Enviro K4 Kitchen Sanitiser to Jangro Odourless Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser, looking at cost, space, packaging and the environmental impact.

Enviro Range Infographic

As you can see, you can make considerable cost savings and reduce your environmental impact by considering the Enviro concentrates. To see the full range, click here. For more information on how cleaning ranges can make a difference, contact us at [email protected]

*Current plastic production of 1kg of HDPE produces 6.43kg of CO2 emissions.

**Not all spray triggers can be recycled, Jangro ensures its trigger sprays are.

***K4 is working on 1:60 dilution to give the equivalent kill time as the Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser.