How to Apply Floor Polish & Fix Floorcare Problems

Some of the most common problems we hear of when applying emulsion floor polish can often be overcome through good preparation and a applying a little bit of know-how.

Some possible causes and solutions to the issues that we encounter on a regular basis, for instance, such as a poor finish or streaking effect to the polish is often due to poor preparation. To help reduce hassle, frustration and save time from having to re-strip the polish and apply a fresh coat provided below are some pointers that may be of help next time you are applying or maintaining emulsion floor polish.

Solutions to poor finish or streaking

Whether you are applying products such as Jangro Wet Look Floor Polish to vinyl flooring, rubber, asphalt or sealed wood the approach should always ensure that cleaning equipment be it mops or applicators for applying polish is clean. Typical application issues include either the polish having been applied too thinly, which can happen if the polish has been diluted, remember unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer do not dilute emulsion floor polish. If the polish has been applied too thickly the options would be to re-treat or spray burnishing the floor may help. If a floor is especially old or porous further coats of polish may be needed.

Shiny checked floor and floor polish Good preparation ensures for a well finished floor polish

Solutions to slippery floor surfaces

The issues with slippery floors are well documented but what can be the cause and more importantly how to correct the problem. Accidental spraying of silicone furniture polish, spilling of oil, water and food on the floor can contribute to a slippery floor surface. In such instances ensure prompt action is taken to remove by mopping or spray cleaning. Excess dust on the floor should be swept away and possibly consider the use of placing dust mats at the entrances to reduce the amount of dust entering the premises.

Solutions to powdering of floor polish

If powdering of the floor polish occurs it may well be due to a number of factors such as poor preparation, the floor not being neutralised before treatment or the floor was damp when the polish was applied. In such circumstances the best approach is to strip and re-apply the floor polish. To help overcome powdering it is worth considering avoiding humid and cold environments and ensuring the polish has been left in room temperature conditions before applying. It would be preferable to also avoid strong alkali cleaners and instead look for neutral floor cleaners.

Solutions to poor durability of floor polish

Often when insufficient coats of polish have been applied to old and porous floors, especially when a water based floor seal has not been used, may well cause issues with the durability of the polish. Other causes may be the incorrect use of either cleaning equipment such as floor pads, when a softer floor pad would be more suitable. As mentioned previously neutral floor cleaning chemicals are always preferable for a longer, lasting finish.

Wet look floor polish fopr wooden floors Wooden floors are enhanced and last longer through well applied floor polish

Solutions to machine bloom of floor polish

Maintaining large floor areas is always much simpler and convenient with a floor cleaning machine. To make the best of your floor polish it is worth a routine check that the floor pads or brush being used is the correct type and clean. Often if too much polish has been applied try spray cleaning with a mild alkali cleaner and a red floor pad to cut back the excess floor polish. Another reminder if using a floor maintainer such as Jangro Perfumed Floor Maintainer is to check the dilution rate, not to over-use and spray only a fine mist onto the immediate floor area you are working on.

As well as the popular Jangro Wet Look Floor Polish, Wray Bros also supplies alternative polishes such as Jangro High Traffic Floor Polish. Look out for further articles regarding problem solving floor polish stripper and floor seal issues.

Don't forget to get in-touch if we can help with your floor care problems, also if you are interested in floor care training we can help to make your floor and you look good.