The various safety glove cuff styles and their differences

Safety Glove Cuff Options

Safety Glove Cuff Styles and their Differences

In the realm of safety gloves, there are several cuff style choices all of which should be considered based upon the specific application needs. The options we see the most commonly are: knitwrist, safety cuffs, band top, slip-on and gauntlet cuffs.

Knitwrist cuff fits snugly to the wearer's wrist, therefore keeping the dirt out and reduces glove slippage. The reduction in slippages offers extra grip around the wearer, but does often mean a slower glove removal from the hand. It is great for cooler months and environments, and is usually found on a variety of glove styles: cotton, string knits clute leather and coated gloves.

Safety cuff provides extra protection to the wearer's wrists from abrasion, features an open cuff which allows ventilation. As it does not hug the wearer, it's ideal for quick removal. The cuff is quite often found to be 2½" in length and usually on leather work gloves.

Slip-on cuff allows for quick and easy putting on and removal by having no seam between the glove and cuff. This way it stands away from the wrist. Typically, the slip-on cuff is found on lined jersey gloves and leather drivers.

Gauntlet cuffs are popular in environments where wearers need additional wrist and forearm protection. It features an open cuff, allowing for ventilation and quick removal. The gauntlet cuff is usually 4½" in length and generally found on leather work gloves.

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