Guide to Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Discover how to employ the use of hot water extraction to thoroughly clean a carpeted floor, with minimal wetting of the area.

The purpose of this guide is to help you remove general soilage without damaging the carpet surface, improving the lifespan of the carpet and the appearance.

The following step-by-step guide, if followed methodically will ensure you fully and effectively clean the carpeted area using a hot water extraction method. The surface will appear brighter and much cleaner as a result

discover how to clean carpets via hot water extraction machines and cleaning chemicals

The Jangro carpet cleaning products below are suitable to the task at hand. The same products are used with other methods of carpet cleaning, this guide will explain how an alternate technique and equipment can be used to great effect. Furthermore the 'Equipment Checklist' explains what cleaning equipment you require in order to complete the cleaning task to an effective and high standard. Wray Bros can supply you with personal protective equipment, such as disposable gloves and overalls which will keep you safe and dry throughout the task.

Guide to Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning 
Suggested Cleaning Products

1. Put on PPPE and assemble all of the equipment to be used and check each item for safety, paying particular attention to plugs and cables.

2. Place warning signs at the extremes of the work area.

3. Insert Residual Current Device (RCD) into the power socket before connecting the machine to the power supply.

4. Ventilate the area and remove as much furniture as possible.

5. Pick up large items of litter by hand and remove all loose soil from the carpet using the vacuum cleaner.

6. Check the carpet is secured at all edges.

7. Using a white cloth check the carpet for colour fastness using neat cleaning agent.

8. If necessary remove stains.

9. Prepare Carpet Cleaning Solution according to manufacturer’s instructions (adding agent to water), putting some into a spray bottle and the remainder into the hot water extraction machine.

10. Prespray all heavily soiled areas.

11. Starting at an area furthest away from the door, spray in overlapping straight lanes, moving backwards, one wet pass followed by at least three dry passes, taking care not to over wet the carpet, working in areas of approximately 1 metre square.

12. Take care not to spray walls and furniture.

13. Clean corners and edges with cleaning solution using a hand tool or scrubbing brush.

14. Wipe skirting with cloth to remove splashes.

15. On completion return furniture to original location, placing legs on pieces of protective card/foil or plastic.

16. Remove plug and circuit breaker from the power socket and recoil the machine cable.

17. Clean equipment and check for safety. Return all equipment, materials to store and store safely and securely.

18. When floor is completely dry thoroughly suction clean the carpet, then return vacuum cleaner and warning signs to store.



Safety First

Any cleaning task which requires equipment and the use of strong cleaning chemicals should be treated with caution and follow instructions.

Always keep the machine cables behind the machines and hoses behind workline at all times. Do not allow the cables to become taut at any time.

Check carpet for colour fastness and that it is securely fastened before using the hot water extraction machine.

Do not allow wood or metal objects to rest on wet carpet, separate using pieces of card, foil or plastic.

Equipment Checklist
- Vacuum cleaner and appropriate tools.
- Hot Water extraction machine and tools.
- Spray Bottle.
- Stain Removal products.
- Hand scrubbing brush.
- Low foaming Carpet Cleaning product
- Cloths.
- White Cloth/white tissue paper.
- Bucket.
- Residual Current Device (RCD).
- Warning Signs.
- Pieces of Card/Foil/Plastic.

Possible Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Woolsafe Spot & Stain Remover

Traffic Lane Cleaner

Woolsafe Extraction Shampoo

PPE Required
Personal Protective Equipment will keep you safe at all times. Wear PPE as specified within your risk assessment.

Taking care of your cleaning equipment is an important part of the overall task. It ensures that the equipment remains at an effective level of performance for much longer and ensures that next time you take the equipment out to use, you don’t have to clean it first. Budget and time saving!

• Empty suction cleaner, check bag and empty, check and clean/replace filters.
• Clean hand scrubbing brush.
• Empty hot water extraction machine flush clean, wipe dry and clean and wipe wand.
• Clean spray bottle particularly the nozzle.
• Wash bucket wipe and store upside down.

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Finally, our guides are designed to help you make a sizeable cleaning task that much easier. If you’d like to see other specific Guides or need advice on any particular matter please contact us and we’ll do our best to help and make you look good.