Guide to Dealing with Body Fluid Spillages | Bio Hazard Tips

Dealing with body fluid spillages is an unpleasant an hazardous task

Body fluids can cause a risk of infection if they come into contact with hands, mouth, nose and eyes, or via broken skin.

Alongside this there is the danger linked to the cleaning products used to clean them.

The purpose of this guide is to ensure the safe and hygienic removal and disposal of body fluid and any contaminated items present.

Wray Bros supplies cleaning products and accompanying materials that will help you fully clean the affected area of body fluids, whilst keeping you safe from harm of infection.  Follow these steps methodically and the removal of body fluids will leave the area looking and feeling brand new.

Guide to Dealing with Body Fluid Spillages

Follow these steps methodically, and the removal of body fluids will leave the area looking and feeling brand new!

  1. Before entering the work area, put on a disposable apron and gloves.
  2. Place warning signs at the extreme of the work area to warn people of your presence.
  3. Place all of the cleaning equipment within easy reach, taking care that none of it comes into contact with the spill zone.
  4. Standing over the stain, take the absorbent granule container and sprinkle it liberally over the stain, making sure it is completely covered.
  5. After giving the granules time to absorb the majority of the liquid, check that it has been drawn from the carpets and is beginning to take a more solid form.
  6. Once you are satisfied, take the cardboard spatula and agitate the stain. Working from the outside of the spill, scrape the residue into the scoop, place it into the waste bag. Place the scoop and spatula in the bag for disposal.
  7. After taking as much of the stain up as possible, take up the rest of the powder using the dry cleaning cloth and dispose of it in the waste bag.
  8. Once satisfied you have removed as much of the stain as possible, spray the area liberally with an antiseptic solution and allow a couple of minutes for it to act.
  9. Taking another clean cloth dry the area and dispose of it in the waste bag.
  10. Before finishing place apron and gloves in the waste bag.
  11. Wipe your hands thoroughly with the ant-septic wipe and place it the waste bag.
  12. Seal the waste bag and place it in the designated area ready for collection.
  13. Reopen the room and return all equipment, including the warning sign to the storage area.

Equipment Checklist

Ensure you have all the equipment you need before starting the task. Body fluid removal is not a pleasant task so you don’t want to have to return for a second go at it!

Be diligent, taking care of the safety aspects, before during and after the cleaning of body fluids. When cleaning body fluids, do not re-use any items, dispose of them appropriately in line with company policy and government guidance.

Our guides are designed to help you make a sizeable cleaning task that much easier. If you’d like to see other specific Guides or need advice on any particular matter please contact us and we’ll do our best to help and make you look good.