Guide to Dry Foam Shampooing Carpeted Areas

Learn how to remove general dirt using dry foam shampooing techniques for clean carpeted areas

This help section will show you how to remove general dirt to leave behind a carpet that looks fresh, clean and has an extended lifespan as a result of your efforts. Our step-by-step guide has been designed for ease of use. If you follow the points below in a methodical manner you’ll perform admirably at the carpet cleaning task in front of you and will have no issues with timing or quality of finish.

discover how to clean carpets by dry foam shampooing with Jangro carpet cleaning chemicals and rotary machine

Dry Foam Shampooing is suitable for large areas of carpet but will not clean heavily soiled areas as effectively as the wet shampoo method. A major advantage advantage is that there is less risk of over-wetting and a shorter drying time.

The listed Jangro cleaning products are most suited to the task at hand. It is always important to use high quality cleaning products that get the job satisfactorily finished. Ensure you have all the right cleaning equipment at the start of a cleaning task. You don’t want to be hampered or slowed down during the task. You’ll also find below the personal protective equipment you’ll need to keep the area and yourself safe.

Guide to Dry Foam Shampooing     
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1.Put on Personal Protective Equipment.

2. Assemble all of the equipment to be used and check each item for safety, paying particular attention to plugs and cables.

3. Place warning signs at the extremes of the work area.

4. Insert Residual Current Device (RCD) into the power socket before connecting the machine to the power supply.

5. Ventilate the area.

6. Remove as much furniture as possible.

7. Pick up large items of litter by hand and remove all loose soil from the carpet using the vacuum cleaner.

8. Check the carpet is secured at all edges.

9. Using a white cloth check the carpet for colour fastness using neat cleaning agent.

10. If necessary remove stains.

11. Prepare Carpet Cleaning Solution according to manufacturer’s instructions (adding agent to water). Add to Tank on Scrubbing Machine.

12. If applicable, prespray all heavily soiled areas.

13. If applicable,wet and prime shampoo brush before starting.

14. Starting at an area furthest away from the door, shampoo carpet in overlapping straight lanes, taking care not to over wet the carpet.

15. Take care not to splash walls and furniture.

16. Clean corners and edges with a hand scrubbing brush dipped in Carpet Cleaning Solution.

17. Wipe skirting with cloth to remove splashes.

18. On completion return furniture to original location, placing legs on pieces of protective card/foil or plastic.

19. Remove plug and circuit breaker from the power socket and recoil the machine cable. Clean equipment and check for safety.

20. Return all equipment, materials to store and store safely and securely.

21. When floor is completely dry thoroughly suction clean the carpet. Re-set the pile by brushing in one direction with a stiff carpet brush, then return vacuum cleaner and warning signs to store.


Safety First
By following the checklist below you’ll ensure that not only do you perform the cleaning task to the highest standards, but that you’ll also remain safe and keep your colleagues and any passers-by safe too.

Ensure PPE is worn at all times. Ventilate area and place warning signs.

Check electrical equipment particularly plugs and cables. Ensure hands are dry before plugging in machines.
Always keep the machine cables behind the machines and hoses behind workline at all times. Do not allow the cables to become taut at any time.

Check carpet for colour fastness and that it is securely fastened before using the machine.
Do not allow wood or metal objects to rest on wet carpet, separate using pieces of card, foil or plastic.

Equipment Checklist
- Rotary Floor Machine with Shampoo Brush and Tank fitted.
- Industrial Upright Vacuum Cleaner.
- Stain Removal Products.
- Hand scrubbing brush.
- Carpet Cleaning Agent (High Foam).
- Cloths.
- White Cloth/white tissue paper.
- Bucket.
- Residual Current Device (RCD).
- Measuring apparatus.
- Warning Signs.
- Pieces of Card/Foil/Plastic.

Possible Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Woolsafe Spot & Stain Remover

Traffic Lane Cleaner

Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo 

PPE Required
Wear PPE as specified within your risk assessment.


Taking care of your cleaning equipment is always important. By maintaining equipment you’ll keep them at a high standard of performance for longer, saving you time and money in the long term.

- Empty suction cleaner, check bag and empty, check and clean/replace filters.
- Clean shampoo brush.
- Clean hand scrubbing brush.
- Empty tank on machine and rinse thoroughly.
- Wipe down machine thoroughly.
- Wash bucket wipe and store upside down.
- Always remove brush from under the scrubbing machine to prevent it from becoming distorted.

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Finally, our guides are designed to help you make a sizeable cleaning task that much easier. If you’d like to see other specific Guides or need advice on any particular matter please contact us and we’ll do our best to help and make you look good.