Guide to Graffiti Removal with Jangro Cleaning Supplies

Graffiti: urban art or the defacing of public property?

It is a debate that will probably never be resolved but unfortunately not every artist with a can of spray paint is Banksy.

The fact of the matter is at times, business owners and local councils have no choice but to remove graffiti from surfaces that belong to them in order for their premises to look clean and professional.

Graffiti removal presents a number of problems as you need to be able to remove the dirt and heavy soilage from the affected surfaces, without damaging the surface and leaving it as clean and dry as possible.

The guide below will provide a step-by-step approach to managing graffiti as well as suggested cleaning products and ppe supplies in order to manage the cleaning task:

    Suggested Cleaning Products

Follow these steps methodically and to passers-by the graffiti removal will seem like magic!

  1. Put on Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Assemble all of the equipment to be used and check each item for safety
  3. Place warning signs at the extremes of the work area
  4. Cover electrical sockets with masking tape(if applicable)
  5. Insert Residual Current Device (RCD) into the power socket before connecting the machine to the power supply
  6. Protect surrounding areas with dust covers, if appropriate
  7. In one bucket prepare cleaning solution according to manufacturer’s instructions (adding agent to water) and add to machine
  8. Half fill one bucket with clean water
  9. Remove graffiti by either

a) Apply cleaning solution to marked surface, allow contact time, then scrub with abrasive pads, wash off and rinse with clean water.


b) Use pressure washer, having taken safety precautions and using the method detailed for pressure washing

  1. If necessary mop surrounding floor area dry and neutralise with Acetic Acid
  2. Clean equipment and check for safety
  3. Return equipment, materials and warning signs to store and store safely and securely
  4. When floor dry return warning signs to store



These heavy duty cleaning products are proven to deal with tough graffiti removal jobs.

Graffiti Remover Spray

How to use

  • Spray onto graffiti.
  • Allow sufficient time to penetrate.
  • Wash off with plenty of clean water.
  • Do not allow full-strength product to dry on the surface.

N.B Test on a small area to establish compatibility. 

Jangro Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrated

How to use – Heavy soilage:

  • Dilute 200ml per 5 litres of hot water.
  • Mop, wipe or scrub the soiled surface

Equipment Checklist

Ensure you’ve got all the equipment before starting the task. The last thing you want is half of the graffiti left on the wall!

  • Pressure washer or 2 buckets and cloths
  • Range of cleaning chemicals suitable for removing various types of graffiti
  • Abrasive Pads
  • Mopping System
  • Spray Bottle
  • Protective covers for furniture and other surfaces

PPE Required

Some of the materials involved and removal substances used can be harmful to you. So always ensure you have the right protective clothing before starting the removal task, e.g. Protective Gloves, Protective Shoes (if identified on risk assessment) and Safety Goggles

Our guides are designed to help you make a sizeable cleaning task that much easier. If you’d like to see other specific Guides or need advice on any particular matter please contact us and we’ll do our best to help and make you look good.