Guide to Machine Buffing with a Rotary Machine

A floor, especially in an entrance has to have an impressive, glossy finish that lasts. How can you achieve that look and more using a rotary machine?

To remove any scuff marks on the floor, and in the process increase the durability and longevity of the polish. Machine buffing with a rotary machine should leave you with a much improved glossy finish to the floor.

learn how to achieve an impressive, glossy floor finish that will last when using a rotary machine

Wray Bros supplies high quality cleaning products that are ideally suited to the task of leaving a glossy and well polished floor in any situation.

Safety First: Approaching a task such as this will include using electrical equipment and cleaning substances that could potentially be harmful to you and the people in the area. Always follow our easy step-by-step guide to ensure that you keep the situation as safe as possible.

Guide to Machine Buffing with a Rotary Machine
Suggested Cleaning Products

If you follow our step-by-step guide methodically it will assist you in ensuring not only a clean and well polished floor, but also that the task is accomplished safely and in good time.

1. Put on Personal Protective Equipment.
Assemble all of the equipment to be used and check each item for safety, paying particular attention to plugs and cables.
Place warning signs at the extremes of the work area.

2. Pick up large items of litter by hand and mop sweep floor as necessary.

3. Insert Residual Current Device (RCD) into the power socket before connecting the machine to the power supply.

4. If the rotary machine is fitted with a tank, disconnect the water feed prior to buffing.
Prepare cleaning solution following manufacturer’s instructions (product must be added to the water).

5. Apply solution to an area of floor using the mop.

6. Mop the floor using a figure of eight stroke with each pass overlapping.

7. Leave floor as dry as possible and leave warning signs in place until dry.

8. Buff the floor using overlapping passes in order to ensure evenness in appearance.
Buff area adjacent to skirtings by “cutting in” parallel to them.

9. Cover the area systematically to ensure all areas are properly buffed.

10. Position the machine cable behind the line of work to ensure it is not caught in the machine drive plate/brush or tripped over.

11. Check the pad at regular intervals and clean or turn as necessary.

12. When the task is complete, remove the plug and circuit breaker from the electricity supply, and recoil the cable.

13. If required, mop sweep the floor after buffing.

14. Clean all equipment and check all items for safety.

15. Return all items of equipment to the storage area and store safely and securely



Equipment Checklist

High Speed Buffing/ Polishing Machine

Polishing, brush or drive plate, if not fixed

Appropriate buffing pad

Mop sweeper

Possible Cleaning Chemicals

Perfumed Floor Maintainer 

How to use:

Dilute 10ml per 500ml cold water in a spray bottle.

Spray floor lightly, buff to a shine.

Neutral Floor Cleaner 

How to use:

Dilute 10ml per 500ml of cold water in a hand spray.

Spray floor lightly, buff to a shine. 

PPE Required

You’ve always got to look after your own safety. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is there for a reason, so be fully prepared for the task ahead, to stay clean and safe at all times.

Once you have finished cleaning and buffing the floor the job isn’t completely over. It is better to clean any equipment you have used immediately after use. You can clean the mop sweeper using a vacuum cleaner, clean the buckets and clear the nozzle of any spray bottles. Cleaning equipment will make the next cleaning task so much easier. See the full range of Rotary machines and Floor Pads

Finally, our guides are designed to help you make a sizeable cleaning task that much easier. If you’d like to see other specific Guides or need advice on any particular matter please contact us and we’ll do our best to help and make you look good.