Choose the Right Hand Soap: Frequent Handwashing & Winter Skin Troubles

As the owner of a business you have certain legal responsibilities to your staff and customers. Good employers will go above and beyond their obligations and provide amenities which keep staff morale and therefore productivity high, and for certain industries this has to extend to the customers as you want to make an overall impression that lasts in a good way.

Hand hygiene is one such area where you can make an impact.

Choose a hand soap that will clean, moisturise and protect your skinChoose a hand soap that will clean, moisturise and protect your skin against frequent hand washing and harsh weather.

We've all seen toilets and washrooms in public houses and restaurants that have left a lot to be desired and sometimes it does appear that the cleaner option is to walk right out without washing your hands and not touching anything on the way out. Especially in industries where you rely on customer service to keep people coming back and spreading the word, your washroom and choice of hand care products can play a big part towards you gaining a great reputation.

Hand Soaps & Hand Care in Winter

In the harsh winter months especially the better the hand soap in terms of its moisturising abilities the better your hands will feel when you've washed them. For your staff this means dry, chapped hands are being looked after carefully at times when they are using their hands to perform daily tasks, especially if they work outdoors or the role requires frequent hand washing.

All the Jangro handwash products contain Glycerol (Glycerine in Cosmetic parlance) which is one of the most widely used emollients used in cosmetic products. However, the contribution it or indeed any other emollient can make to maintaining good skin condition is limited by the way the product is used. Hand washing is a 'rinse off' cosmetic application. The time available to do any good, or indeed for other components of the handwash to do any harm, is limited.

Hand Soaps for Frequent Hand Washers

The key to avoiding deterioration of skin condition experienced by people who are required to wash hands frequently (Food production, catering, health care) is to make sure that hands are washed, rinsed and, especially, dried properly. Correct and consistent use of barrier and reconditioning preparations such Jangro Barrier Cream can play an important role in reducing skin condition problems

We know from research into skin condition problems where employees are required to wash their hands regularly. There was huge variation in hand washing practice and a huge variation in the degree to which workers experienced problems with the skin of their hands.

This has to some extent influenced the most recent Jangro hand wash development, Premium Bactericidal Hand Soap which contains a significantly higher level of emollient than the conventional perfumed hand wash products. The rationale is such that if workers have a tendency not to rinse and or dry their hands properly we should, at least, try to offset this behaviour by making sure that any residue contains a significantly higher level of emollient.

Make a Clean and Correct Choice of Skin Care Products

At Wray Bros we have an extensive winter supplies range but the Workplace Skin Care products provides cover all year round if we are honest. It is considerable in size and offers you a wide variety of washroom hand soaps and soap dispensers for use within myriad industries. You may require soap and dispensers for a busy washroom in a public place or for a restaurant or hotel, budgets will differ wildly of course, as will the quantities involved. Don't despair, Wray Bros has your back this winter and as you consider which of our soaps are best to keep hands smooth and clean in the dry, bitter winter months, we are here to help you figure it out.

Here to Help

Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0151 709 2271 or coming in to the trade counter and we'll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and help you make the right choice for your washroom, whether for staff, customers or both.