Hand Washing & Sanitising, The Best Form Of Self Defence

Back in November, we produced a video to promote good handwashing practices to help schools, care homes and other high-risk establishments from increasing the chances of a Norovirus outbreak. Promoting the use of soap and water and following NHS guidelines, we didn't realise how important this single video would become.

At the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, there were posts recommending singing Happy Birthday twice for 20 seconds. These posts caused a little confusion, because, depending on the version you learnt, you could sing the single verse, the two verses or the one were you were 'born in a zoo' singing anywhere between 20 seconds and a minute.

Then here at Wray Bros, while talking about holidays, a tactic for keeping viruses a bay on cruise ships came up. We decided to revisit the video and incorporate this simple tactic. What is it? You'll have to watch the video.

Did you pick up on it? Some cruise lines advocate using the hand towel after you have dried your hands and turned off taps (if not automatic) to use it to open the washroom door and then deposit the sheet in the nearest bin. This tactic may be an ideal solution if you have an open-plan office, reception area or school as it will reduce contact with surfaces.

So what can you do if there is no soap and water to use? You can sanitise using a 70% Alcohol-based hand gel or liquid. Hand sanitising is only efficient if your hands are visibly clean. Watch the following video to see how to sanitise your hands correctly.

Now you know the technique; the next step is to equip your facilities and staff with soap and sanitiser here.