Hi Vis Washing Guidelines

It's A Wash Out

With increased traffic on our railways, highways and motorways, Hi Vis workwear is more important than ever before. Though commonly worn in construction and maintenance, it is increasingly popular with walkers, hikers and cyclists particularly as the dark nights roll in.

But with more wear, come more washes.

Cleaning your apparel is vital, however, over-cleaning your uniform can have an adverse effects on your safety. Did you know that most Hi Vis products only have a maximum life of 25 washes, unless stated otherwise on the label?

That means if you wash these pieces twice a week, then it will no longer comply with current EN ISO 20471:2013 standards in just 12 weeks time.

Seen You Coming

This is because after 25 washes the reflectiveness of the material will have diminished to such an extent that the garment is no longer fit for purpose according to the safety standards and thus should be disposed of immediately.

Wearing faded Hi Vis workwear increases your risk of accident and that could have serious legal and safety ramifications.

Read more about Hi Vis safety standards here >

That being said, not washing your clothing regularly enough, can also have detrimental effects. Stains, dirt and other dark marks will decrease the visibility of the cloth, so you must ensure these patches are cleaned quickly.

So to stay safe and to comply with current safety standards, Wray Bros suggests having at least two garments for each part of the body that needs coverage and replacing them every three months.