A Guide to the range of High Vis Vests available from Wray Bros

A High Vis vest is arguably the garment most readily associated with high visibility workwear.

So not much you can say about a reflective vest! Or so you would think, that is until you realise the choice of styles and brands is increasing year on year. The standard high visibility vest has evolved to include many of the features you would expect from workwear jackets, i.e. i.d. badge holders, mobile phone pocket and zip fastening etc. 

Regardless if you work in construction, warehousing, security or a health & safety environment etc you will appreciate the importance of the right protective clothing, such as high visibility vests and jerkins, to assist you to do your job in safety whatever the work conditions.

High vis vests come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your needs

To help you find the appropriate high vis vest below is a quick, reference guide that details the options and features available to you

Vest Description EN471 Fastening ID
Pockets Phone
GO/RT Sizes Colour Options
High Vis
Vest 2 Band
Class 2:2 Velcro No No No No No S-4XL Yellow, Orange
Hi-Vis Two
Tone Vest C484
Class 1:2  Velcro No No No No No S-3XL Yellow/Royal, Yellow/Navy 
Portwest Iona Safety
Vis Mesh Vest F474
None Velcro No No No No No S-3XL  Black, Green, Royal 
Portwest High
Vis Mesh Vest 
Class 1:2  Velcro Yes No No No No S-3XL  Yellow, Orange 
High Vis Long
Sleeve Waistcoat 
Class 2:2  Velcro No No No No No S-4XL Yellow, Orange
Berlin High Vis
Executive Vest S746
Class 2:2  Zip Yes Yes Yes  Yes  No S-3XL  Yellow, Orange
Prague Executive High Vis
Two Tone Vest
Class 2:2 Zip Yes Yes Yes Yes No S-3XL Yellow/Orange
Portwest Paris Hi Vis
Executive Vest C276
Class 1 Zip Yes Yes  Yes  Yes No S-3XL Yellow/Royal, Yellow/Navy,
Portwest Iona
Executive Vest F476
None Zip Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  No S-3XL  Royal, Red, Green, Navy
Portwest Warsaw
Hi-Vis Executive Vest
Class 1  Zip Yes Yes Yes  Yes No S-3XL Yellow/Royal, Yellow/Navy,
Yellow/Red, Orange/Navy 
Portwest Hi-Vis
Long Vest RIS RT20
Class 2:2  Zip No No No No Yes  M-3XL Orange

The Wray Bros EN471 high vis specification range encompasses high vis trousers, high vis jackets, high vis fleeces, high vis sweatshirts, high vis polo's and high vis tshirts. With our in-house print service we can print your company name or logo that will really add impact to these impressive garments. 

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