Hygiene Audit is a room-by-room cleaning assessment

When it comes to cleaning supplies we know a thing or two about our customers and what they require.

There are customers who simply wish to access PPE and cleaning products from a wide range of hygiene supplies, enjoy competitive pricing and an efficient delivery service.  This we do naturally. 

However, there is also another type of customer!
   One who needs all of the above, but require additional support. Such as being able to access our expertise and experience. This is when hygiene and in particular the management of hygiene is an important issue for our customers.

audit for hygiene standards

What does the Hygiene Audit offer?
The Hygiene Audit can be undertaken within any building. The audit will evaluate the cleaning regime and the hygiene of each room, surface by surface. Based on the results a report is created that outlines Wray Bros recommendations for areas of improvement to help improve the hygiene score as well as the premises overall appearance.

Wray Bros, in conjunction with a number of leisure centres and an FM company, have used the Hygiene Audit to pinpoint where cleaning resources are best utilised, where additional training was required and made recommendations how to improve the building's problem areas. 

Who should use the Hygiene Audit
This is an excellent tool to monitor hygiene standards and is particularly useful for Facility Management companies and cleaning contractors who wish to provide their customers with a plan that details the improvements that can be achieved during the duration of a contract. All of which helps not only win business but retain customers as well.

Hygiene Audit covers cleaning equipment and best practices

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