Jangro 3-Step Approach to Floor Care

From using floor polish remover, applying floor polish, to floor maintenance - an overview of the processes used within the Jangro 3-step approach to floor care

STEP 1: PREPARE - Getting the floor into the correct state to receive the appropriate dressing
This is the stage where we prepare the floor by using a floor polish remover to eliminate all contaminants. These include not only soil but also any old or worn dressing to provide a sound base on which to add a new layer of protective polish. We must also equip the floor chemically to effectively receive such protection by ensuring the surface has a neutral pH.

STEP 2: PROTECT - Select and apply the appropriate floor polish finish

Hard floors need to be protected from general wear and tear as well as attack from oil, grease and other chemicals. In order to do this some new floors usually require the application of a protective seal, followed by subsequent applications of a suitable floor polish. In turn, this will enhance the appearance of the floor and make the cleaning and maintenance process easier.

STEP 3: MAINTAIN - Retain the finish by a regular programme of floor maintenance
An efficient floor maintenance programme should allow for routine cleaning of the floor surface to remove soils as well as care of the protective finish to both maintain and enhance its overall appearance. By doing this and using a floor maintainer you extend the life of the floor finish, reducing the need to strip and re-apply the polish.

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