Jangro Chemicals & CLP: Harmonising Cleaning Product Labels

Harmonising Cleaning Product Labels: CLP and Jangro Chemical

Cleaning products are all labelled to warn the user about the relevant dangers within. From 1st June 2015 things will be changing for the better as product labels will be standardised across the globe. It will bring an end to different classification systems within each country and allow for less confusion across the board. Why not watch our intro video to CLP?

The familiar Hazard Symbols are to be replaced with Pictograms

The processes are already underway for many and we believe it is a good thing for workers and consumers throughout the world. If a hazard is present it is better that we all understand the warning signs, wherever we happen to be in the world. The harmonising of product labels the world over is something that Wray Bros is in favour of and we will ensure that all of our cleaning products reach the standards set by the CLP for EU countries.

Further information regarding CLP and the implications to you and the products you routinely use will soon follow shortly.

Jangro Cleaning Chemicals:

Classification, Labelling and Packaging 2015. Part 2.