Jangro Cleaning Chemicals: The Fragrance in Bloom

The fragrances within your Jangro cleaning chemicals

We understand cleaning performance is important to you and equally so is the fragrance from your cleaning products.  This is why so much time and effort is placed in choosing the fragrances used within your Jangro cleaning chemicals.

One of the most obvious benefits of a fragrance in products is that it will enhance your pleasure in use whether it be the freshness signal from freshly washed clothes using laundry detergents and fabric conditioners or the bloom of a household cleaner.

In the case of products such as cleaners and detergents, it can also provide a reward/treat for a mundane cleaning task as well as a signal of a job well done.   

Some fragrances from the Jangro cleaning products range

Lemon Floor Gel
A crisp and tangy accord, bursting with juicy lemon top notes on a sharp and lively heart of crisp lime.

Lemon fragrance Floor Gel

Cleaner Disinfectant
A robust, floral herbaceous fragrance with green herbal top notes of lavender on an elegant floral heart of  rose, jasmin and lily. Base notes are sweet and long-lasting with powdery musk and peachy aspects.
Contains natural oils of lavandin and eucalyptus 

Lavender fragrance Cleaner Disinfectant

Pearlised Hand Soap
A nourishing aldehydic accord with top notes of green leaf, cyclamen and citrus. Heart notes are of a floral nature with gardenia, lily, rose, tuberose and added spice. Base notes are musk, with amber, cedar and Iris.
Contains essential oils of orange to aid cleanliness and soothe irritated skin.

Neutral Floor Cleaner
A full-bodied, citrus, juicy fragrance combining sweet notes of mandarin with fresher, sharper elements of tangy tangerine.
Contains natural oils of orange.

Tangerine fragrance floor cleaner

Perfumed Toilet Cleaner
This crisp and crunchy-fresh fragrance leads with green fruity top notes of apple on a soft and fruity heart enriched by sweet and musky back notes at the base.
Contains natural extract of orange.

Apple fragrance Washroom Cleaner

Foaming Bactericidal Cleaner
A cool citrus fragrance with zesty lemon peel and tangy lime.

Air Freshener
A wild berry mix of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry twisted by soft orchard fruits and a hint of lavender.
Contains natural oils of lavandin, eucalyptus and orange.

Berry fragrance Air Freshener

Germicidal Washroom Cleaner
A fresh, fruity and powdery floral fragrance, with lilac notes of peach, carnation, jasmin, violet and heliotrope on a balsamic and musky fond.

Lilac fragrance washroom cleaner

The development of fragrances from latest trends

Tastes and preferences change and it is no different when it comes to general cleaners as fragrances are often developed based upon the latest trends. For example the pomegranate ingredient trend started in the food category as it was being touted for its nutritional benefits as a superfruit. This then trickled over into the cosmetics industry as a new fragrance concept which many brands used to be able to create a new variant.

As fragrance trends constantly evolve and new notes and ingredients emerge, manufacturers and brands work to bring you different fragrances.  Keeping track on the trends enables perfume houses to create up to date and interesting creations to continue to enhance the product mix.  For example, Perfume houses have seen the comeback of green notes as consumers reconnect with nature, the rediscovery of vintage white flowers like jasmin, gardenia and tuberose transformed into crisp but sensuous scents and the continued influence of woody notes bringing a more voluptuous and intimate sensuality.