Jangro Contract Chemical Range: Perfect for day-to-day cleaning tasks

The 'no frills', basic commercial Contract Range of cleaning chemicals is ideal for the price conscious user that cleans on a daily basis.

The newly extended Contract Range of cleaning chemicals was developed to remove costs from quality cleaning products.
Driven by demand, from its initial launch the range now includes some new additions; see below for a full list of available products. Initially formulated for price conscious users, such as cleaning contractors, local authorities and the healthcare sector, these products are ideal for most daily, housekeeping cleaning tasks.

The Jangro Contract Range is a no frills', basic commercial range of cleaning chemicals that are perfect for day-to-day cleaning tasks

Specially manufactured to minimise cost in use the range includes:
Contract Hand Soap Pearlised 5 litre. An economical hand soap with a refreshing fragrance.

Contract Washroom Germicidal Cleaner 750ml. Cleans and deodorises all washroom fittings. Effective against most forms of bacteria including MRSA.

Contract Toilet Cleaner 1 litre & Contract Toilet Cleaner 5 litre. An economical and effective cleaner that cleans and descales toilets and other ceramic surfaces. Suitable for use on stainless steel.

Contract Multi-Purpose Cleaner 750ml& Contract Toilet Multi-Purpose Cleaner 5 litre. An economical cleaner which removes stubborn stains, fats, oils and grease from most hard surfaces including floors and walls.

Contract Lemon All Purpose Cleaner. An economical hard surface cleaner with lemon fragrance.

Contract Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 750ml & Contract Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 5 litre. A fast and effective way to clean glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel and ceramics. Non-streaking. Sparkling results every time. Repels dust.

Contract Anti-bacterial Cleaner Unperfumed 750ml. An odourless bactericidal cleaner effective against a range of bacteria and MRSA.

Contract Kitchen Sanitiser 750ml. Odourless food safe bactericidal cleaner. Effective against bacteria including MRSA. Conforms to EN1276.

The Jangro Contract Range is manufactured to minimise cost of buying commercial cleaning chemicals

Do you like the idea of the Contract Range but not too sure about if it would be suitable for you and the job you do? Why not contact us for help or advice, especially if you are looking to save money and still deliver consistent, high standards of hygiene then we can make you look good.