3 reasons why you should use Jangro 750ml trigger spray bottles

We are proud of the high performance standards our professional cleaning products are tested to . . .

In fact, you may well have read a number of our articles testifying to the quality of the professional cleaning chemicals supplied by Wray Bros.  

We have written blogs that detail the nature of the superior raw ingredients used and the scientific development that goes into every single cleaning product that is Jangro branded. Such is the level of detail that goes into each and every product, to provide you with effective cleaning chemicals – all with the end result to save you money.

We couldn’t be any happier with our reputation as a supplier of quality, commercial cleaning supplies. What you may not be aware of, this drive on quality and cost-in-use extends not to just what is inside the container, but the bottles themselves! Take a look at what we mean!

Probably, the spray bottle isn’t something you’ve ever given too much thought about. But if environmental improvements are important, then perhaps you should!

3 reasons why you should use Jangro 750ml trigger spray bottles

1. Substantial bottles - the trigger spray containers are made to be strong enough to work as hard and as long as you, to get the job done. There is nothing flimsy here!

2. Durable quality - the trigger will continue to work effectively for longer and as a result the spray bottle itself lasts approximately a third longer than normal spray bottles. This should make you trigger happy, especially if you frequently decant from 5 litre containers.

3. 100% recyclable - you will find the majority of spray bottles come with a trigger spray that are made using a metal washer and spring. This ensures that they cannot be readily recycled. Our spray bottles use a spray head made with a plastic washer and spring. This means, from an environmental viewpoint the bottles and spray heads can be fully recycled - 100%.

Wray Bros offers quality products & superior customer service

Wray Bros will always offer Jangro Chemicals products that offer great cleaning performance, tested to the highest standards, superb cost-in-use and also with a wonderful lasting perfume. Now you know that you’re also getting an overall package that has been developed to be effective for longer to help increase your productivity. No matter what you require our Jangro cleaning chemicals for, we know they will do the job for you. Why not put them to the test?

The Jangro professional range of cleaning supplies are designed to be sturdy enough and effective enough to offer value for money.

For more information about any products within the Wray Bros range, or for specific information and guidance regarding your cleaning requirements please feel free to speak to our friendly customer team. We’re always happy to help. Want to know more? Call Margaret today on 0151 709 2271.