Jangro Urinal Cap Tackles Bad Odours & Reduce Water Usage

The Jangro Urinal Cap is an easy way to reduce unpleasant washroom smells and reduce water usage.

1. The Jangro Urinal Cap Helps Reduce Washroom Odours

The friendly bacteria in the Jangro Biological Urinal Cap will digest organic matter, break down uric salts and uric scale deposits which may otherwise cause blockages. This allows the pipework and traps to function more efficiently. With its fresh citrus fragrance the urinal cap will help to neutralise malodours at source, making your washroom pleasant for staff and visitors to use.
Urinals usually require frequent flushing in order to wash away uric salts before they can react with limescale in water and form uric scale. The biofilm formed within the pipework and traps by the Jangro Urinal Cap helps to prevent this build-up and allow you to reduce the urinal flush frequency.

2. The Jangro Urinal Cap Helps Reduce Water Usage

The Jangro Urinal Cap, complete with a soluble, slow release, biological block, will enable the urinal flush system to be significantly reduced, therefore saving water and money. In addition to the money saving benefits by reducing your water usage with the Urinal Cap you also reduce the impact on the environment. Producing a cubic metre of water adds 0.4kg of CO2 to the atmosphere. By using 90% less water you will reduce your CO2 emissions by over 100kg per annum. Furthermore, you can also reduce cleaning costs. By flushing your urinals less frequently, the urinal surface will become easier to clean due to less limescale build-up, therefore saving you cleaning materials and labour costs

Find out how much you can save with the illustration usage below

The illustration explains how the Jangro Urinal Cap reduces unpleasant washroom smells and reduces water usage.
* Approximate cost estimates. Water costs based on £2.90/m3 average from recent study of UK business water rates. CO2 emissions based on 0.4kg CO2/m3 water.

Supplied in a bucket containing 12 caps, each Jangro Urinal Cap will last around one month, depending on urinal use. To order call 0151 709 2271 or click to buy the Water Saving Urinal Cap online or any of our cost effective urinal blocks.