A Choice of Commercial Jangro Cleaning Chemicals

 The Jangro / Katrin Handy Pack helps save you time, money and the environment

A handy way to transport towels to help improve hygiene and comply with your Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Customer feedback from cleaners and purchasing managers was the driving force behind the innovative Jangro / Katrin recyclable bag, which conveniently supports in carrying your paper from one room to the next.

Some of the benefits include:


The Jangro / Katrin Handy Packs are sounder environmentally than bulky cardboard boxes which require lots energy to produce; the cheaper plastic is fully recyclable so you can reduce your carbon footprint!


With one in each hand, you can now swiftly carry two handle packs with ease, rather than fumbling back and forth with boxes on your chest. This helps to reduce employee stress and the number of trips needed to fully stock busy areas.


The Jangro / Katrin recyclable plastic bags are tough enough to hold their shape and allow for easy square stacking which efficiently. It also helps store more in transportation in vans and lorries, reducing your carbon footprint even further.

Durable and Waterproof

Unfortunately, cardboard cases of hand towels can get wet when during transportation due to rain or by chemical spillages in janitorial cupboards where they become soggy and unusable.However, the recyclable plastic material protects the product from water damage ensuring use and minimising waste.

Doubling Up

The dual purpose of an empty Handy Pack means it can also be used as a clear refuse sack in trolleys, as it holds its shape perfectly, and the bag's transparency allows it to conform with many company policies across education, health and building sectors.

paper brands logos who supply handy packs

Below is a selection of the paper products we sell with handles from a range of suppliers:

Jangro Zig Zag Hand Towels x 4000

Jangro Zig Zag Hand Towels x 4000 Handy pack.

Tork also supply paper products that come with handles to help cleaners carry them efficiently:

Tork SmartOne Jumbo Roll

Tork SmartOne Jumbo Roll Handy Pack

Tork SmartOne Mini Jumbo Roll

Tork SmartOne Mini Jumbo Roll Handy Pack 12 Rolls

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